All About Me ;D

Hey my name is Kandas.
I am a recent graduate of William J Pete Knight High School, now a freshman in college. Unsurprisingly the material that I am being taught here is already vastly different from high school. I find this fact enlightening instead of upsetting because the information that I am currently learning is causing me to think on a higher level. I am forced to pay close attention and retain almost all information. This gives, me direct preparation for life by helping me to stay focused. I intend to allow this two year community college experience to effectively enhance my thought process as well as ability to retain information. (a lot of brain power went into that last sentence ;0)

Although sometimes annoying, and boring my high school experience was far from uneventful. A huge highlight of my senior year (besides prom) when I got a lead in my school play called John Lennon. (It was not about John Lennon lol) I played the mother Claudia; it was difficult for me to play this character because our personalities were extremely contrasted. She was overly consumed in herself constantly presenting herself as more talented and charismatic than she was. Although I struggled to become this character I ultimately enjoyed the transformation. Being able to act in this manner with no repercussion was truly an exciting experience.

A few facts about me would be that I am a Christian, like music, and I am an individual who has been highly influenced by the positive people I have met. I am an active member at Living Stone Cathedral of Worship I participant [pate in the youth program, praise dance, and recently joined the choir. I enjoy my church home because all of the members are treated like family, with respect, and love.

I enjoy listening to music , all different types but recently I found myself listening to groups like passenger, as well as artists like Lana Del Ray.I find that music can be uplifting as well as brutally realistic. The biggest attraction a good artist can possess it the ability to take an abstract concept about life and put it into a five minute song causing me to either reflect on my own life or get a personalized view into theirs.

Every positive individual I have met has influenced me, from teachers to family, friends, even random strangers. My roommates and good friends have allowed me to lean on them for assistance as well as guidance. They allowed me to live with them when I was forced to leave from my adopted mothers home due to family complications.Continuously they teach me that God has an active place in my life by using their faith as the foundation for their future. While attending Pete Knight High I was extremely blessed to have taken Ms. Roth’s English and Bible as literature class. She helped me to determine what college I wanted to go too, what being a christian meant, how to sit in a class with a room full of people and actually pay attention. ( getting better by the way ) Their certainty that I can move forward in any endeavor I set my mind to helped me to believe that as well. Ill remember them as links in the chain of individuals who helped mold my character and ultimately make me who I am today.

Ok that was a lot about me hope you enjoyed reading, good day. ;p


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